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E-Commerce Website Development

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First impression is your last impression, a professional ecommerce design should always able to communicate and amaze your customers. All tangled up and hard to navigate designs will only keep your customers for few seconds. And we cannot refuse the fact that dedicated ecommerce web design or online stores design is one of the most active elements to gain online success. Good Ecommerce web design holds the power of conversion Website is the face of your business, it can make it or break it relying upon the facts it says about your business and products. It also depends on the designs of your ecommerce websites or online stores to magnetize or repel your visitors. Viral Online marketing is an ecommerce web design solution Viral online marketing in Nepal firmly believe that creating ...

Business Professional CMS Web Development

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Business Professional CMS Web Development Content management system or  Professional CMS website designs  have been quite popular web development application. This web application was acknowledged and referred by many web developers to create, edit and to control the content in organized form. CMS web development is believed to be the easier and faster approach to create any website without any hassle and experience of technical and programming learning. Viral online marketing team in Nepal offers a professional CMS web development package, developed to avoid the waste of resources and time while managing your web contents at low budget.  Furthermore, you can just update your websites online by simply following the login procedure. Why you should choose our CMS Web development ser

Business Basic Web development

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Business Basic Web development Give your business a unique yet preeminent trail with our professional website design and development packages. Our adequately developed websites will give you a long-term web hosting solutions from Nepal for your business growth and marketing strategy. Website acts as a strong firm to represent the company and business itself and functioned as communicator and facilitator.  In the midst of high competition one has understand what visitors want through their perspective. Viral online marketing understand your needs Visitors want to visit those websites which are very informative, quick and easy to understand. Keeping those things in mind, viral online marketing in Nepal offers a comprehensive business web development packages and web hosting solut

SEO Link Building

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Link building Service Link building is the process of developing relevant inbound links to your websites; you can also add reciprocal links between two relevant website as a referral. Link building will help you to improve your ranking in major search engines result page (SERP). In fact, Link building is vital for higher ranking and web traffic success. Quality Link Building Services Via Viral online marketing Viral online marketing based on Kathmandu, Nepal provides a custom link building service at a reasonable price. Our SEO link building services offers you a complete quality link building solutions to higher the ranking in major search engines. Our professional SEO link building services are specialized in manual link building along with authority links in a natural manner to ach...

Search Engine Submission

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Search Engine submission service Submitting your sites to different search engines is referred as search engine submission. Search engine submission has been one of the popular internet marketing methods and now explored wider than before. Search engine Submission also has been the strong assets or integral part of SEO for the reason it will not only allow your site to submit to search engines and directories but also get the quality backlinks. Viral online marketing company one of the leading search engine submission companies in Nepal is delighted to offer you a premium Search engine submission service. Our submission procedure will be carried out by submitting your sites to major search engines such as Google and yahoo and as well as to quality niche directories through both automatic...

Keyword Analysis and research

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  SEO Keyword Analysis and research service in Nepal Search engine optimization is completely deficient without the proper utilization of keywords. Keywords analysis and research are the initial point of search engine marketing. And part of a progressive act which serves to increase the conversion rate and SEO ranking, at the mean time understand the new prospective of market place. Thus, SEO keyword research and analysis will help you to make a fruitful decisions elevating efficiency. It is absolutely important to have defining keywords to represent your products and business in vivid way. We cannot deny the fact that search engine optimization is hugely based on keywords since search engine look for particular keywords while indexing for relevant sites. Viral online marketing

Buzz marketing/word of mouth

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Professional Buzz marketing/ word of mouth services  in Nepal Professional Buzz marketing is an action of creating buzz about certain products and services. Buzz marketing or word of mouth is undoubtedly an influential marketing technique and the first major step to be taken in regards to succeed viral marketing campaign. Both Buzz marketing and word of mouth are needed to synchronize effectively to gain high results. Buzz marketing is regarded to be the most complicated but effective tools as you have to give something different, appealing and unique impression so that your customers will appreciate enough to go viral among the other people through word-of-mouth. Viral marketing team from Nepal provides assistance in marketing your products instantly with our smart and integrated m

Website promotion Service in Nepal

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Website Promotion  service in Nepal As soon as you launch your website it becomes obligatory task to promote your website online. Website promotion is not only an essential part of SEO strategy but the integral form of internet marketing and networking. Website promotion service in Nepal has been significant mission of our webmasters here in viral marketing. Viral marketing teams in Nepal will add efficient tools to promote your websites in higher professional level from optimizing keywords to setting up Google analytic, social networking, pay per click advertising, email marketing and newsletter; we will manage in an adequate way to promote your website. Our ambition Website promotion service in Nepal from Viral marketing team  implements various purpose but the main objective o

Internet marketing services in Nepal

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Internet marketing services in Nepal Internet marketing is effective online marketing and has got broader sense and hence a broader perspective. Internet marketing applies various techniques and approach, Viral marketing team in Nepal offers a professional level of internet marketing services through constructive online media planning and SEO strategies. Viral marketing team is a full internet marketing service provider offering exceptional customer support and result-driven service. Our expertise is all set with prior abundant knowledge with the full spectrum of online advertising and marketing services to help our customers to bring out their valuable projects at an unprecedented level of success. Our internet marketing services include search engine optimization, viral marketing, search...
Google Glass Will Be Available To You This Year

Google Glass Will Be Available To You This Year

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The Verge has confirmed with Google that a “fully-polished” version of Google Glass will be ready for consumers by the end of the year, that it will cost “less than $1,500,” and that it will be compatible with both Android and iPhone. Also, they’ll come in colors like: Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton and Sky.   The Verge Editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky had the opportunity to take the device for a spin, and has written the most in-depth hands-on account of it that we’ve seen so far. And the good news is that he seems sold on the device. The Explorer edition, which Google is currently taking applications for with the #ifihadglass contest, comes with a sunglass accessory which can be put on and taken off. As he notes, the device comes apart so you can attach different frames, lendin