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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Professional Search engine Optimization and marketing at your doorsteps.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Professional Search Engine Marketing and Optimization services in Nepal from Viral Marketing Team – CloudsTrail is all about gaining traffic and being visible in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). While E-commerce and online presence has been embraced by many of us, the growth rate of consumers shopping online has been amplified at a higher pace worldwide. Being one of maybe a Best SEO Company in Nepal we are giving you little more information about the SEM; Search Engine Marketing can be processed by three basic methods:
1. Search Engine Optimization – SEO
2. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC Management)
3. Paid inclusion

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Service)
Many SEO service provider companies use such tactics and shady methods to obtain the web site on the 1st page of Search Engine. But major Search Engines consider as spam and it vanishes at last. We, Viral Online Marketing Team – CloudsTrails being a Qualified SEO Expert Company in Nepal use ethical search engine optimization methods only that are approved by major Search Engines. Viral Marketing Team which runs under the brand name of CloudsTrail is devoted to 100% successful results for our clients offering Professional SEO Services in Nepal since 2003. Our professional search engine marketing service in Nepal is provided with an extensive web Content Optimization, Organic Keywords Research, sophisticated website optimization, link building, position checking, search engine submission, directory submission, keyword research, analysis and track and submit your 100% accurate progress results for Search Engine ranking. Give us an opportunity to become your business promotion partner, we offer you;

  • Best sophisticated website promotion service.
  • Dedicated and Reliable service partner to promote brand/business.
  • SEO service 100% approved by Search Engines.
  • Top 10 Google ranking guaranteed.
  • Best service for the best price with a successful result

Guaranteed! The Viral Online Marketing Team – CloudsTrails guarantees you will get the top 10 rankings on Google within the mentioned time frame if you use our service. Viral Online Marketing Team – CloudsTrails offers the best quality service for the best price. If success is not shown, we return your money back.

2. Pay Per Click Service
PPC (Pay Per Click) management is an artistic administrative skill. The Viral Online Marketing Team – CloudsTrails is proud to say that PPC management is our strength and success. As Pay Per Click advertising methodology also has been one of the most important aspects of professional Search engine marketing, Viral online marketing does the best practice of PPC advertising in Nepal to promote the various products and businesses online. Pay Per Click service is processed whenever visitors enter certain keywords in Search Engines or visit certain sites. Afterward, a link to pay to advertise will appears in the designated areas of the result page where visitors may visit to their pages by clicking those advertisements. Therefore, payment is charged on the basis of the numbers of click that has been made on advertisement links to visit those pages. Popular Search Engines and Social Media such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Facebook, and Twitter allow advertisers to advertise various products and businesses through their sites. CloudsTrail is having expert certified team to work on SE, which led us to become an SEO Expert in Nepal and Worldwide.

Why Pay per Click Advertising is better?

  • PPC advertising and management skill is definitely the simplest way to generate more traffic.
  • PPC advertising is the fastest approach to gain more traffic within a short time period.
  • PPC advertising is definitely the simplest way to generate more traffic.
  • PPC advertising is the fastest approach to gain more traffic within a short time period.
  • To start with an advertisement campaign, PPC service can be a great choice to create a buzz.
  • PPC management can be a very effective tool for online stores where you can directly interact with your potential online customers.
  • PPC advertise guarantees you a high Return on Investment.
  • PPC advertising is great for usability, conversion, and maximum exposure.

3. Paid Inclusion

Waiting to be found is not only frustrating but can cause major loss to your business. CloudsTrail certified SEO Experts associated with the viral online marketing team assures your website gets maximum exposure and traffic through the visibility of your sites in most popular search engines through paid inclusion.

What is Paid inclusion?

Paid inclusion might sound difficult to you but let us explain it, explicitly. Paid inclusion is one of the productive marketing strategies of search engines such as Google and Yahoo where certain fee structure is paid by clients to include their sites on top in their search result page. These Search Engine companies may charge you a variable cost for the inclusion of your websites in their search index. Paid inclusion service is charged per page or per click and believed to be highly effective in Search Engine marketing strategy. Being a qualified SEO consultation analysis and keyword generator service provider, we offer SEO Keyword Analysis and Research, Search Engine friendly Contents Writing, On-page and Off-page optimization, and Online Link building services to our customers.

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