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Mitra Primary School

Mitra Primary School

Mitra Primary School was established in 1980 to provide children not only with a high quality of comprehensive academic education but also to nurture them with psychological and physical development. Initially built as a pre-primary school to address the foundation of human character shaped during infant education, the school built up its reputation for educating children to become responsible, disciplined and academically skilled individuals. The school now has classes from Nursery to class V. Depending on circumstances; the school may consider adding higher levels.

The word “Mitra” means “friend” in Sanskrit. To enjoy learning with each other, it is essential for the children and the teachers to develop a relation where each is given attention for nurturing their mind, creativity, independence, and feelings towards the other. The teachers and the staff at Mitra School are dedicated in bringing up young children according to these educational spirits.

The following are the salient features of Mitra Primary School:
* Teaching Nepalese government curriculum in Japanese method
* Montessori based pre-primary (playgroup) and primary school
* High quality comprehensive academic education
* Focus on development of sound moral base
* Creativity and team work spirit
* Pioneer of music lesson with notation by modern musical instruments
* Special winter camp
* International student exchange
* Partnership with St. Mary Virgin Primary School of U.K. for advance educational programs and exchange of visits.

The School recently announced admission is open till the end of Baishak, 2072. For enquiries regarding admission, please contact:
Mitra Primary School
PO Box 3603
Chakupat, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
Tel.: 5260899