Monday, October 26

Laser Travel and Tours P.LTD

Since its inception laser travel and tours from Nepal had been the most structured and reliable tours operator in Nepal. With aspiration to provide the most comfortable and hassle free traveling experience for their customers, Laser travel and tour have achieved much recognition as the best leading travel and tours company of Nepal.

Initiated with professional assistance your traveling experience will be all embraced with comfort, protection and pleasure. Explore the serene beauty of Nepal, a beautiful amalgamation of artistic nature and rich cultural heritage. Enjoy the mountain climbing, trekking in Himalayan regions and get the thrilling sensation through the observation of wildlife closer than ever in Jungle safari.

Being one of the best leading travel and tours in Nepal, Laser travel and tours provide well organized travel and tours package for Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius, India, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Iceland.

Get the benefits of flexible quality service endowed with the punctuality and aptness through a family holiday package, honeymoon package, cultural tour package, jungle safari tour package, pilgrimage tour package etc at the affordable price rate. Laser travel and Tours Company is a complete solution to your traveling or itinerant prerequisite. The reliable tours operator of Nepal Laser Travel and Tours will provide the choices of international and domestic airlines ticketing, hotel accommodation to transportation facilities at the low budget price. Planning to visit Nepal in an accommodate budget soon in coming time, Laser Travel and Tours Company will fit your requirements for adventurous traveling journey.

Laser Travel and Tour offer a comprehensive travel management services that guarantees highly secure traveling arrangements which are  coordinated earlier with additional traveling requirements  and amenities to take care of customer’s need.