Monday, October 26

Business Professional Connect

Business Professional Connect Package

Viral marketing team from Nepal takes holistic approach to promote any business professionally with the business effectiveness and integrated technology. We are professional team of experts dedicated to provide competence service of highest standards.

True purpose of our  business professional  connect package has been to provide e-business consultancy with an expert advice supporting business development, business planning and strategy consultation including websites designing, developing and marketing. To build a successful online business, we need proper branding and creative strategy to target potential customers. Our  business professional connect Package here in Nepal provide most cost effective solution through an expert web designers, marketing specialists, SEO consultants and creative team.

With maximum exposure to social media and online marketing, we will help to drive qualified traffic that ensures higher conversion.

Business Professional Connect Package
√ Mass numbers of customers 15,000
√ Marketing Campaign Execution Time Frame 9 Days
√ Email Delivery Stats Yes
√ Targeted Emailing to customers Yes
√ Detailed Delivery Reports Yes
√ Email Support Yes
√ Brand Email Account 1
√ Advertisement banner in 1st page Yes
√ Products / Services Banner designing 1
√ Contents writing for online presence Yes
√ 1 Landing Webpage online presence Yes
√ Search Engine Optimization Yes
√ Monthly Google Analytics Report Yes
√ Facebook Fan Page Creation Yes
√ Facebook Fan Page Advertisement Yes
√ Phone Support Yes