URL Structure: Tips for Combining SEO and URL Best Practices

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URL structure is one of the most important and basic elements of SEO and, even in this day and age, far too many sites ignore URL best practices. If you have ever encountered an overly long URL that is mostly a series of numbers that mean absolutely nothing to you (or anyone else besides the site’s original webmaster for that matter), then you know exactly what I mean. Below are the basic guidelines for creating search engine friendly URLs that both users and web crawlers will find appealing. 1. Keep It Simple   Your URL structure should be straightforward and easy to comprehend. It should describe what is on the page in a way that makes sense to both people and bots alike. Use words instead of numbers whenever possible. For example, include a brand or product name instead of an invento

Apple-Samsung court meeting fails to get an agrrement

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In an unsurprising turn of events, the meeting between the CEOs of Apple and Samsung at the request of the court failed to achieve its desired purpose, as the two companies couldn’t come to an agreement. The meeting was attended by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee-sung and head of the mobile division, Shin Jong-kyun and lasted for nine hours on Monday and seven hours on Tuesday. It was presided by Judge Joseph C. Spero and took place at the request of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh last month. Apple is currently suing Samsung for copying their designs and to get Samsung’s products off the market whereas Samsung is suing Apple for using their wireless technology patents and asking Apple to pay royalties. This meeting was held in the hopes of the two companies forming an agre

Google Improves AdSense Reporting And Bolsters Smart Pricing With New Research

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Google has introduced several new reporting improvements for AdSense publishers, and it has released new research that shows publishers make more money with “smart pricing” — even though their revenue-per-click is discounted as compared with search ads — than they would without it. One reporting improvement is that AdSense publishers can now view “all time” stats, meaning they can view all earnings, impressions, and clicks ever accrued over the life of the account. This is a feature that existed in the previous AdSense interface, and it’s now been brought back. Google has also made reporting information easier to access. Within the My Ads tab, each specific line item will have a “View report” link — users just need to click through to see performance data for that particular ad unit

PPC Management

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PPC management Service in Nepal PPC management is an artistic administrative skills and viral online marketing team is proud to say that PPC management is our strength and specialty.  As Pay per Click advertising methodology also has been one the most important aspects of professional Search engine marketing, Viral online marketing do the best practice of  PPC advertising and PPC management service in Nepal to promote  the various products and business online. Pay Per Click service is processed whenever visitors enter certain keywords in search engines or visit to certain sites.  Afterward, link to pay advertise will appears in designated area of the result page where visitors may a visit to their pages by clicking those advertisements. Therefore, payment is charged on the basis of the

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Business basic connect Package Viral marketing team offers a reliable business basic connect package delivered to flatter your needs from one of the best web business consultation in Nepal. Our business solution offers very practical and innovative business ideas regarding websites hosting, websites promotion, branding, and internet based work with wide array of network connection to business in better way. Our viral marketing team is expert in performing various tasks with years of experience and proven track of record. We have been able to gratify our customers with our cost effective solution satisfying the requirements of corporate based commercial company to small individual organizations. Be our partner today and expand your business. Business Basic Connect Package ...

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Business Plus Connect Package Viral marketing team is an outstanding business consulting firm with the competence of providing full e-business consultancy service located at Kathmandu, Nepal. Since inception, our mission has been to add finesse to the digital needs of your small-medium sized business by assisting in development of your digital portfolio by updating and improving your websites along with digital advertising options. With an explored SEO knowledge, business insights and technical proficiency, we are able to accomplish business objectives with the higher motives. Our business plus connect are for those customer who wants to have an effective online presence and increase their brand and product awareness through internet marketing strategies. Our business plus connect ar...

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Business Professional Connect Package Viral marketing team from Nepal takes holistic approach to promote any business professionally with the business effectiveness and integrated technology. We are professional team of experts dedicated to provide competence service of highest standards. True purpose of our  business professional  connect package has been to provide e-business consultancy with an expert advice supporting business development, business planning and strategy consultation including websites designing, developing and marketing. To build a successful online business, we need proper branding and creative strategy to target potential customers. Our  business professional connect Package here in Nepal provide most cost effective solution through an expert web designers, mar

Namaste Pokhara – Luxembourg

Namaste Pokhara restaurant is one of the reputed Nepalese and Indian restaurants in Rodange, Luxembourg offering exquisite selection of delightful Nepali, Indian and Tibetan dishes that are prepared to satisfy your ultimate appetite. Although Rodange, Luxembourg will overwhelm you with various dining options but nothing can match up to the regional dishes from India and Nepal served with freshly made bread or rice. Various styles of authentic and regional dishes delivered to you from Namaste Pokhara restaurant in Luxembourg are made with fresh ingredients and pure Indian spices following the safe and hygienic cooking methodology. Their authentic style of Nepali, India and Tibetan dishes are suitable for family, friends and groups regarding any special events. As Namaste Pokhara restaura...

Padma Shree Group Of Company

Padma Shree Group of company is multinational and multi-industrial venture capital Conglomerate Company based on Kathmandu Nepal. Padma Shree Group started its business venture back in 1963 with Shree Padma Saw Mill and furniture PVT. LTD moving gradually with the realization of quality furniture’s need in Nepal which led to the establishment of Shree Padma Furniture Factory Pvt.Ltd in 1978 and finely Padma Shree Pvt. Ltd in 1985 since then Padma Shree had carved its name as influential commercial company in Nepal. Padma Shree Group of company is one of the successful industrial companies in Nepal which have given a whole new dimension to commercialization utilizing the natural resources of the country itself and  as well as helping to step up forward in country’s economic development.

Logo Industries Group

Logo industries group is the most prominent industrial group in Europe which also has been venturing its journey in the Middle East for more than 20 years including Cyprus, Dubai, Nepal and recently in China. Established 26 years ago, Logo Garments Company has been exceedingly growing solely under German and Austrian’s management. Logo industries group produces a large range of fashionable women clothing in high quality fabrics that are matchless to none. You can find varieties of fabrics from woven fabrics cottons to silk, Nylon, linen with smooth finishing touch, wrinkle resistance and maximum durability along with enhanced comfort. Extremely fashionable women’s wear and clothing from Logo garments are designed in according to the latest trend associating with the creative designs